We can help you comply with the boat dock sign rules for Hot Springs, Arkansas. Take a moment to review this information, contact us with questions and feel free to download a PDF guide on the Arkansas Boat Dock and Marina Safety Law.


The dock sign law was passed in Arkansas on March 22, 2011. It’s official name is the “Boat Dock and Marina Safety Law.”


The boat dock safety law has two primary purposed. First, it requires boat docks to be properly wired in the dock has electrical service. It must be wired to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code (the “NEC”.) Second, the signs provide a warning to users of the dock and to swimmers in the area.

Wording on the Signs
  1. One Sign with the wording: “Electric Shock Hazard: Swim at Your Own Risk” or
  2. Two Signs with the wording “Electric Shock Hazard: Swim at Your Own Risk” split between the two signs.
Placement of the Signs

The law is a little unclear regarding the exact placement of the signs. It states that the signs “shall be placed to give adequate notice to persons using the boat dock…or swimming near the boat dock…of the electrical shock hazard risks of the waters around the boat dock…”

We believe this means at least two signs are required. One sign could be placed facing users of the dock when they walk down the ramp and onto the dock. The second sign should be attached facing the water so that swimmers can see it. Additional signs would add better visibility for all dock users.

Sign Specifications

There are a lot of questions about the signs that are not answered in the law, such as:

  1. How big should the sign be?
  2. What material is required?
  3. What colors should be used?
  4. What font should be used?
Our Recommendation

Seiz Sign Company recommends signs with the following features:

  1. Sized at 12″ x 18″
  2. Reflective vinyl for the copy in a sans serif font typeface
  3. Radius corners
  4. Black and safety yellow for the colors

The price of our recommended dock signs is $28.50 for each 12×18 sign.