Ronny Skipper
General Manager

General Manager

Ronny Skipper is the Company’s General Manager and works in Commercial Sales with both local businesses and national account installations.  His areas of expertise include electrical signs, LED signs, and printed signs.

Ronny joined Seiz Sign Company in 2003, first gaining field experience by working as an electrical sign technician before working in Sales and then into management.  He holds the following professional certifications: 1) Licensed Sign Electrician, 2) Certified Welder, 3) Certified Crane Operator, 4) Certified Matthews Paint Technician, 5) NALMCO Certified Lighting Technician.    

Ronny enjoys the challenge of working with clients to ensure that their sign design is effective in conveying the right image to the public.  He manages multiple projects each week and looks forward to discussing your needs.

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