Dimensional Letters

A dimensional letter is an alphabetic letter, number, logo, or symbol that has been cast, molded, fabricated, or cut-out from materials such as metals or plastics. Once it is attached to a sign substrate or building it has a raised profile in relation to the sign substrate or wall.

Metal Dimensional Letters

We offer precisely cut or cast metal letters in the following metals: aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. These letters are available in a wide variety of fonts, heights, thicknesses, and finishes. Metal letters are an excellent choice for high quality signage projects.

Acrylic & Plastic Dimensional Letters

We also offer precision cut acrylic letters and molded plastic letters in numerous fonts, sizes, and colors. All of our letters attach with studs hidden behind the letters for a clean and professional look.

Architectural Plaques

Architectural plaques also fall within this category of signage. Plaques are general made from aluminum or bronze. They are often used for commemoration purposes in government buildings or university settings, as well as for way finding signs, room signs, and even branding when a more formal image is desired.